The Prime Group’s scaffolding companies are made up of professionals dedicated to providing “safe access” for a wide array of industrial and commercial scaffolding applications.


The Prime Group’s unmatched experience in mechanical insulation helps protect your infrastructure investments by reducing energy consumption, noise levels, and condensation. It protects personnel and improves process control and productivity through mechanical and equipment efficiencies and longer life cycles.

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If you have industrial painting, coating or fireproofing needs, our painting companies have experienced professionals and capable workforces available to meet or exceed your exacting standards. Off-site facilities and established quality control processes complement on-site project capabilities to provide a full range of service offerings and customer protections.


Asbestos, lead and other environmental remediation projects involve exacting training, testing, performance and documentation standards that, not done properly by the abatement contractor, can create huge safety and liability risks for their customers, other contractors and owners. Prime Group professionals have successfully completed thousands of projects for demanding customers that insist on integrity, financial strength, quality performance and permanent record retention.